We live in a cruel world inhabited by cruel people. We become so wrapped up by our own personal schedules that we often neglect the people around us. So we’re caught in the act forgetting that they too are human beings and they deserve the dignity and respect that we demand from others. We shut ourselves in and accustom ourselves to a sort of tunnel vision that only puts in view what we want and discards the needs of others. But then again, why should we care? I mean, it’s not like anything bad happened when we didn’t.
Caring about others is a blatant waste of time, why should we use our time to care for the weak? Why can’t they become strong? Why must we pull the slack? Why should we be told to respect others, it’s not like they’re equal to us in any way. Of course we’re superior to them by criteria we ourselves made up. Why should we respect the religions of others? Why can’t they just think like us and adhere to our own beliefs? Why should we be kind to people when they’re fat, ugly, skinny or deemed undesirable by society’s standards? Why can’t they be like how society wants them to be? Is that really any of our fault? Why should we act the same around people who are not the same colour as we are? It’s not like anything bad ever happened when we acted otherwise. Why should we give to people who have less? It’s not our fault they weren’t raised with more.
Why should we treat each other better and encourage each other to be better? No atrocious event in human history ever transpired because we lacked tolerance, after all.
The problem is that it’s easy. It’s easy to give in to apathy and wickedness. It’s easy to close our eyes and hearts to the struggles of the souls around us and pretend that nothing is wrong. For too long we’ve done this and look at where we’ve come to as a race. We’re in the process of damning ourselves if we don’t act fast to change our ways.
Human beings are purely social animals. We operate by cooperation at our core. So then, how can we move forward as a society if we keep working against each other. It’s counterproductive thinking.
Now more than ever we must remember to fight. Not any foreign enemy but ourselves, we must fight the apathy that makes us close our hearts. We must fight the fear that makes us close our eyes. We must fight the cold unkindness that makes us close our souls. We must do this because mankind’s worst enemy is not Satan or a cataclysmic event. Mankind’s enemy is and has always been, Mankind.

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