Emotions and feelings are funny. Well, not really, especially when they sometimes lead to heartbreak and broken bonds. I always wondered what the point was, I mean why do we need to go through all of these twists and turns and ups and downs? It gets really tiring sometimes but I guess we need them, in a weird sort of way. Without emotions and feelings, we wouldn’t be able to connect to our environment and other people, they’re sort of like our bridges to the outside world and each other. So we’re going to take emotions and feelings and see what exactly is going on.
Our emotions as well as our feelings are idiosyncratic; they seem to be purely subjective. Nico Frijda described our emotions as driving forces, they help to spur us into action. Okay, we’re all familiar with Iron Man, so let’s imagine that emotions are the suit, but whereas Tony Stark can control his suit, we have no control of our emotions. So there we are, just flying around, letting our emotions fly us wherever, only being tempered by occasional bouts of reason. Our emotions can be understood by other people, quite clearly even. I mean, my emotions about people putting milk before cereal can be clearly interpreted by my flying rage and lecture on simple home training. (No, but seriously, what is wrong with you people?) Our emotions act as little windows, popping up and allowing other people a view into our own hearts. Try as hard as you may, but our emotions will not be silenced. Sometimes though, emotions can hurt and there we are wishing we were a TVD vampire and we could just shut off our emotions, but I’ll talk about that later. Let’s move to feelings.
Feelings can be incredibly annoying and for good reason. How to describe feelings? Feelings are how we interpret the emotions we inherently feel. They act as our translators, converting our emotions into something we can act on. With emotions, some if not most of the time, we are completely unaware of them, but with feelings, we have the full view. We are completely aware of our feelings, allowing us to make decisions based on them. Feelings, also unlike emotions, are under our control. So let’s switch the autonomous Iron Man suit for a nice comfy car that we can turn invisible. Invisible, you say? Well yeah, we can control our feelings but we can also hide them. People only see our feelings when we let them. “I’m not going to catch feelings” has become something of a motto for the 21st century teenager. Funny enough, most of the time, we’re referring to our own emotions, and as we already know, a fight with your emotions is not one you’re likely to win.
Let’s talk about my second to the last sentence in the second paragraph. See, we may think that we can block our stubborn emotions or dampen our uncomfortable feelings but the truth is this. When we supress some of our emotions, we are inevitably reducing the volume of other emotions, cutting a part of us from the full beauty of our environment. Now, if on the other hand, we allow our feelings and emotions full reign and instead of ignoring or repressing them, we become comfortable with them, we allow the flow of positive drives to flow more strongly. It’s like by allowing ourselves to feel pain and sorrow, we allow for a more intense experience for happiness. So pull down your emotional defences and allow yourself to experience things fully, to feel completely, to soar or rather, to fly.

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