Okay, so I wanted to write about how our society would look from a different external perspective, so we can see the big picture. Hope you like it.

Imagine this. An alien from a faraway planet plans to come to earth, let’s call him Spock, he has heard about this floating blue-green rock and is very curious about it, his planet has successfully perfected cloaking technology so he’s able to walk amongst us without being noticed. He packs his belongings and sets course for earth. On January 1st 2000, he lands on our planet. The first thought that strikes him is how these humans look, very odd. Where are their antennae?
He is able to fully adapt to a human everyday life, he even gets a job. He begins to notice a lot of striking things about these beings. They act very strangely. Most humans are bound by a certain belief or dogma. Some of them, on the first day of the week, go to a place of worship called Church. He attended a service once or twice and was stunned, there seemed to be wide gap between what they preached and the actual actions they performed outside of this hallowed place. Some also go to another place of worship called a Mosque. A peaceful religion, but some radicals have warped this harmless religion into something else, something dark and this allows ignorant people to happily stereotype the whole religion. There are even other religions, so many! He couldn’t even begin to count them all. And yet, most of them chose to put religion over morality, which would become a detriment to their progress sooner or later.
Another thing about these beings? They seem to fight over everything. Humans seem to variate in terms of pigments that they call race. He was once curious about this, then he realised something: there was nothing different. Just like one of the fruits on his home planet, it came in different colours but the interior was always the same. Besides the skin colour, there seemed to be no fundamental differences between them, they had the same fluids in them, they were born the same way, their organs worked the same way, they ate the same way, so why did they treat each other differently and hurt each other just because of it? He honestly couldn’t understand why they did this to each other and he suspected that, neither did the humans.
But then again, maybe he came at a bad time. This was probably just a phase that they would come out of, give them a few years and they’ll surely see their errors, surely they’ll change. So he left. He returned on January 1st 2016 and he was shocked to find that nothing, in fact, had changed. It seemed even worse than when he had left, close to 16 years earlier. Funny enough, it seems that most of the humans wanted change but not many actually wanted to change. So here they were, these curious beings, their own disease and their own cure.
They had become blinded by their vices, consumed by hate, crippled by ignorance and broken by greed. Every day seemed to bring a new tragedy, with a new day seemed to bring new tears.
On his home planet, humans were regarded as legends. His people had come here to visit before and they were still at awe. The humans had many transgressions, far too many to count, almost infinite but in the face of these, they still carried on. They always pushed past the bloodshed, pain and anger and were able to emerge into a new day. The humans weren’t regarded as legends because they were perfect-they most definitely weren’t-but because they always survived, they always found new ways to thrive, no matter the adversary, be it war, be it famine, be it disease, be it discrimination. The humans always came out fighting.
Spock wondered about this as he left back for his home planet and realised what it meant to be human. They had come a long way and had a long way to go but being human meant that you always pushed on, always endured into a new day, until you reached the horizon.

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