Before you read this, let me first say that all the conditions stated in my first essay apply here, if you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for?

Okay so before we discuss God’s existence, we have some other things to do. First we are going to do what girl best-friends inadvertently do all the time: counselling. Science and Religion are probably the poster couple for failing relationships, I mean, they almost never get along. Science is so difficult and stubborn and Religion puts milk before the cereal [this right here is unforgivable and if you do this, just switch off this device and re-evaluate all your life choices], it’s no wonder they’re always having issues. So they called me to help out and I thought you’d like to watch.

The problem is that Science is a yes or no kind of person and is always right unless proven wrong. Now, if Science is always right, then we need to work with Religion, cos that’s just less difficult. Let’s start with one of their pressing issues. How we came to be is easily one of humanity’s longest questions, I dare you, look to any myth, any religion and check the creation story, there’s something funny happening. In each and every one of them, stripped to the barest minimum, it’s always the same pattern: from nothing to something to everything we know now. Don’t you think that’s a bit odd? How is it possible that all these people from different points in time and different cultures and different religions all came to that same conclusion? Okay tuck that into your pocket for now, let’s hear Science’s side to this.

So Science has given me an answer and he’s so narcissistic that he’s given his explanation a fancy name: The Big Bang Theory [don’t bother googling, you’re only going to see the show, which by the way is amazing] and after 20 minutes of confused questions from me and annoyed answers from Science, I think I can explain. Science says that the whole universe, everything expanded from an extremely dense and hot state [a singularity called the Big Bang] and continues to expand. This is backed up by evidence from a lot of sources, so Science can’t be wrong, right? And just to add insult to injury, Science brings in a further explanation for life with the theory of Evolution, one that states that Evolution is the process by which organisms change over time as a result of changes in heritable, physical or behavioural traits. Consequently, making apes and monkeys our relatives.

Now, I’ve had my fair share of Science and Religion for a long time and I think I can settle this dispute [if you have anything contrary to say, comment and let’s talk]. First, we have to modify the way we look at Religion, maybe we’re the problem, who nose [I’m playing it too fast and loose with these Doctor Who puns].

See, we look at Creation as an event, a one touch kind of thing but what if Creation is a process, one that began millions and millions of years ago and is still going on inside me and inside you.

Right now, I can tell you’ve already labelled me as a crazy person but please stay with me. One of the problems I predict you having is the contradiction with your holy text, but let me introduce the fact that your holy text is in no way completely literal. I mean, there are so many things in it that can only be explained by being figurative, so what’s one more thing? And time is definitely not a feature in your holy texts, so that chapter you’re thinking of could well have taken thousands of years.

Now the issue you may have with the Evolutionary theory is that God [or the supreme being of your preference] is perfect therefore everything he makes must be perfect, so why should they change if they’re already perfect? Again, I implore you to adjust your views a little, just a little. Perfection is a heavy term with numerous definitions, just look at the universe, it’s beautiful, no? God made the universe and it’s perfect, but look up at the sky, it is the same sky your ancestors looked up at and yet it’s a different one altogether, the universe is constantly changing, Earth is constantly changing so why, I ask, should life not follow also? Perfection in this sense doesn’t mean no change, it just means that even with change, it still retains its core attribute: life.

Also, some humans feel undignified to look at monkeys and see them as a relative. Well, tough luck, it happened, it happened. Even though the heliocentric view of our solar system was proven wrong, we still think of ourselves as the centre of everything, Evolution has shown us that we have no special place here on earth and Astronomy has shown us that we have no special place in the universe. We are unique thinking beings, isn’t that enough? And how exactly does you being related to a monkey somehow impede your progress as in individual [Bazinga. Google it, have a laugh]? Hmm?

Aww, look. Science and Religion are hugging it out, they have some other major issues but for now, I guess they’re together. I’m just going to leave them both now, at least they’re not at each other’s throats anymore. I don’t know about you but that was tiring, I’m going to take a break and when I come back, we’ll do a bit more talking, don’t forget to put your opinions and stuff in the comments section.

Oh, and one more thing. Well, see, where did the singularity from the big bang come from in the first place? Had to come from somewhere, right? Huhn, so from nothing to something to everything we know now, remind you of anything?


[Hint: second paragraph. Two sides, one coin. I’m getting really tired of this coin thing]


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