When this is over, that would make an amazing TV show title, probably even get a CW deal or something. At some point in our lives, we all ask the same question: does God really exist? Some people immediately fall back to what they were taught as children and believe in God because, well…their pastors/priests/parents told them to, ignorance is bliss, I guess? Some people deviate completely, they ask the questions, don’t find reasonable answers and then they decide that this whole God thing isn’t cut out for them, Atheists. And there is another group of people who out of sheer stubbornness and Infallible faith just won’t or rather, can’t stop believing but at the same time have reasonable doubts and questions about their religion and believe it or not, your religious text does not hold all the answers. Before we even go into this, let me make a few things clear. This is not meant to convert you to my belief or whatever and it’s definitely not meant to slander any given religion. I’m not really religious, this is just me sharing with you what I’ve learnt hoping it would be helpful in whatever path you decide and I’m going to do this without referring to any religious text because that would make things tricky . This is also not an argument for or against Christianity or Islam, this is just me using logic and reason  to try to make sense of this whole thing. So…Geronimo! [ Doctor Who pun, google it, do some of the work for once].
It seems that the most common problem people have with God is all around us and all you have to do is look. There is so much evil in the world and we look at all of this and then look up and ask Him ‘how could you let this happen?’. I know how that feels, because it makes sense, right? I mean, He’s the ultimate being, why isn’t He doing anything to help? Aren’t we His children? Didn’t He put us here? I was thinking about this one day and then I understood that the same fundamental quality that allows us to be ‘good’ can also allow us to do evil things: Free Will.

We all have it, we all have a choice in what we do, that’s one of the defining qualities of humans. So, it’s not that God can’t destroy all the evil and it’s not that He won’t, He’s allowing everything to run its course. Think about it, if God controlled us and made us do virtuous things, would they still be virtuous? No, because for something to be virtuous, it has to contribute to our spiritual life in a positive way meaning that we’d need to choose it and without that choice, we aren’t even humans anymore. We are free to commit evil or good acts and God isn’t going to change it, He created us like this, Free Will is a two sided coin.

So, plainly, if God decided to erase all the evil in the world, it would break the terms of our very own existence, meaning that our free will would be gone and no action we commit is even ours anymore. And for God to have created a world without evil, He would’ve had to create a world of automata, beings who had no control of themselves…that two sided coin.

So why did God give us Free Will? Without it, we’d all just be puppets, empty shells who had no control of their actions. And you also shouldn’t get this twisted, God didn’t create Evil, it’s more of a side-effect of not doing good. So instead of thinking of Evil as a thing, think of it as more of the absence of a thing. For example, stealing is an ‘evil’, that is, it’s the absence of honesty.

Furthermore, I think the presence of evil in the world in a way contributes to a good greater than it could be without evil, like in music, discords in a harmony can make it sound more melodious or the dark patches in a painting make it more beautiful.

This is the end and the beginning. Hopefully you enjoyed reading this almost as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am thinking of writing a series about religion and what I’ve gained and understood so far so if you have anything constructive to say, please comment or message me, thank you and till next time.
Well…that was long, hopefully the next one will be shorter. Dammit, no such luck, now let’s talk about the big question: Is there a God? 

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