We fight over things like power and race

We step on others just to get to a higher place

We struggle for things that’ll never last

We yearn for pleasure that ends so fast

But why?

We look for peace in places that bring war

We have so much yet always want more

We crave things that won’t heal our souls

We still disguise them and call them “Life Goals”

But why?

We steal, we curse and we also lie

We waste our time yet wonder why life passes us by

We have lost the true meaning of happiness, peace and love

We have become weak yet we don’t seek help from Above

But why?

We have caused ourselves and others pain and sorrow

We have acquired so much, yet feel so hollow

We look for happiness in places that’ll never bring it

We find ourselves in a play called Ignorance and we’re looking for where to sit

But why?

We act the way we do

That much is true

But have you ever looked up to the sky

And asked yourself,


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