Lost Girl

This was a poem I wrote in tribute to the Chibok Girls

They come at night shrouded in darkness

With dark intentions in their minds

They bind us with ropes and blindfolded us

We’re told to move quietly or be punished severely

I’m pushed into a vehicle with other girls i’ve known for years

And then…nothing,just blackness

I awake with strange company

And then i feel it for the first time in my life

Fear,true unbridled fear, this was over a year ago

Sooner rather than later

We become accustomed to our new environments

But we still miss our homes, our families, our old lives

And then the sales begin, girls start to dissapear

We’re told they’re going to better places

But we know better

They are to become slaves

And then, bit by bit, I start to forget

But that’s not possible, how can i forget my home

It was a grand dark green building or was it brown

Everyday i lose a part of me taken away

By the men who have taken away my freedom

So everyday i hope and i pray that someone will find me

Find us

For I am a Lost Girl

A lost girl among lost girls

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